Post Twelve - Overland to Asia

This post covers my trip overland from Spain to Thailand during November and December of 2001. As discussed in the previous posting, Karen returned home for the holidays while I took trains and busses across two continents to meet back up with her in Bangkok seven weeks later. Two friends from Seattle joined me for parts of this trip - Dave in Eastern Europe and Craig for China to Thailand. I saw a lot of amazing things in a short period of time so this section is longer than normal. If it gets to be too much, just focus on the photos, they tell the story better then I can. -- Scott

Prague Prague
Poland & Lithuania

St Petersburg St Petersburg

Irkutsk Irkutsk

Mongolia Mongolia I
Mongolia II

Catalonia Beijing
Great Wall

Tai Shan Tai Shan
Xian and Guilin

Overland to Bangkok Overland to Bangkok

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