Post Five - Travels in Mexico

Leaving Guanajuato behind we traveled first to the Pacific coast to meet up with a friend from Seattle. Further south we spent more time in Pie de la Cuesta before heading inland to Taxco and Oaxaco. Heading back north again, we stopped in Mexico City then returned to Guanajuato for a week of visiting friends and some refresher Spanish. After Guanajuato, we headed for the border hitting Leon and Zacatecas on the way. This post covers the time from the beginning of February to mid-March, 2001.

Zihuatanejo Town Zihuatanejo Town

Zihuatanejo Area Zihuatanejo Area

La Villa & Taxco La Villa Nirvana & Taxco

Oaxaca Oaxaca

Mexico City Mexico City

Guanajuato & Zacatecas Guanajuato & Zacatecas

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