Gata Luna - Restoration

The above photo is the photo I saw on the YachtWorld website. A few weeks later, we owned her. The first summer was devoted to learning how to sail and seeing if this boat was worthy of a resotration job. I decided I liked this little boat enough to try to bring her back to her prime. I had no idea then how much work I had taken on. These pages document that work.

The Way She Was The Way She Was - How she looked when we bought her.

Bulkhead Repair Bulkhead Repair - How replacing a single bulkhead turned into a complete interior remodel.

Painting Painting - Painting the deck. A lesson in patience.

The Mast The Mast - Mast step, lights, spreaders, rigging, oh my...

The Way She Is Now The Way She Is Now - The project nears completion.

Miscellaneous Projects Miscellaneous Projects - Various other projects I've done on the boat.

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